Camp Lifestyle + Coffee Co.

Camp Lifestyle + Coffee Co. is described as “A modern lifestyle store for the sustainable and responsible camper”. 

coffee and pastryIn reality it is a beautiful space, and awesome cafe in the Function Junction area of Whistler.

While Whistler Village is packed with chain coffee shops, and quaint little cafes, Camp Coffee have created something completely unique in Function Junction.

Firstly, and in my opinion, most importantly, the coffee is delicious. It was so good I went back for seconds! Both my Amerciano Misto and secondly Caffè macchiato, were perfect. I also enjoyed a Pain au Chocolat, which was freshly baked that day.

camp coffee pastries

Beyond what the cafe serves up, Camp Lifestyle + Coffee Co is a beautifully designed space. A minimalistic style with countless interesting little details. There are camping and lifestyle goods for sale from watches and sunglasses to tents and floor mats. Although not for the budget shopper, the wares definitely make for interesting browsing.

Upstairs is a design studio, and at the back of the shop is a patio space. One particular detail that caught my eye was the large scale topographical map of Whistler in the washroom or “out-house”. camp coffee server

As well as the patio seating there are benches and tables indoors. If you want a little getaway from the main village then Camp Coffee is exactly that. It is the perfect place to enjoy a coffee and read a magazine. If you are shopping for nice present for someone special (yourself included) then there are some brilliant ideas there.

If you haven’t been already, then put Camp Coffee on your Whistler to-do list!

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camp coffee patio

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