Gone Bakery

Gone Bakery is kind of a locals secret. Always busy and not too many tourists. But why..? Firstly it is a little tucked away, behind the bookstore in the Whistler Village square. And the reason it is always busy? Well there are several! The food is healthy, hearty and freshly prepared. The staff are great and the atmosphere welcoming. Service is quick and efficient and the coffees well made. Adding to that the coffees are also organic! It’s also reasonably priced for a Whistler eatery. If you want a good feed/coffee and want to mingle with the locals then it’s a winner. If you want pretence and fancy, then look elsewhere.

Gone Bakery also have a nice sized patio at the back which is a relaxing place to eat and drink in the summer months. Year round there is a cosy seating area in the cafe and extra seating in the internet cafe.

They have recently added a new “made to order” menu with burgers and sandwiches. However they are well known for there stews and soups, which are great if you are in a hurry! In addition to their delicious coffees they have fresh baked muffins and pastries and usually some day-old ones if you are looking for a cheaper option. My favourite option is the Chicken Filone ciabatta sandwich, but I know my friends are regular guests, and recommend the breakfast wraps. If I eat here early in the morning, I go for the healthy option of oatmeal and berries!

The owners have 2 other cafes in Whistler, all of which are excellent. Here at Whistler Mountain we take pride in championing locally owned businesses, which all of their cafes are!